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Sometimes health and fitness can feel like a bit of a puzzle. Yes everyone knows the basics, be active, eat healthier and hey presto you improve your health, fitness and body shape. However fitting all the component parts of fitness together can be anything but easy with todays hectic lifestyle.

Therefore the concept of Jigsaw Personal Training is simple, we fit around your schedule, and we provide training at a location of your choice, such as your home or a local park, if unsure where to train then contact Jigsaw to discuss options.

At Jigsaw were passionate about what we do. Fitness is not just looked at in isolation but also in the context of Total Fitness. Total Fitness is a concept that comprises 5 main areas, which are all required for mental, physical and social wellbeing. The components of Total Fitness are Nutritional, Social, Mental and Emotional harmony, being Disease and Illness free, and of course Physical Fitness.

Clearly Personal Training can have a significant outcome on your physical fitness. For more information
click here. Equally Nutritional advice can be an important factor in health and fitness. For more information Click Here.

What is often less obvious is the impact that physical fitness improvements can bring about in the other Total Fitness areas. It is now firmly accepted that improved fitness levels are directly correlated to a reduction in the risk of suffering from certain diseases and illnesses (such as cardiovascular disease & Diabetes Type II). Likewise the benefits to mental and emotional harmony derived from increased physical fitness are becoming increasingly acknowledged.

Finally, there are the social benefits of training, which can be both direct and indirect. There is the direct social interaction of the training itself be it 1-1, small group PT or the larger Group training and Running Club classes. Then there are indirect social benefits of training from an increase in your energy levels and improved body confidence, which often result in greater social confidence. This can be as simple as feeling confident enough to take the kids swimming or being able to wear the clothes that you want to wear.

Bio - The more Boring impersonal stuff
Adam Walker is a self motivated fitness professional, qualified to REPS Level 3 with a Premier International diploma in Personal Training and a degree in Sports Science from University of Manchester. Able to teach one to one or group sessions and provide advice on all aspects of nutrition and weight management, Adam is also a keen runner and health and fitness enthusiast with a desire to help others achieve their goals.
Wondering what REPS is?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has been set up to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of people who are using the services of exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers. The Register uses a process of self-regulation that recognises industry-based qualifications, practical competency, and requires fitness professionals to work within a Code of Ethical Practice.

Members of the Register are given a card and registration certificate to prove their qualification and membership. Also known as the Exercise Register it operates in the UK and across the world to recognise personal achievement and competencies of qualified fitness professionals

My REPS membership number is R0064704


Diploma in Personal Training from Premier International (Gym Instruction & Advanced Personal Training) Jun 09 “ Aug 09
First Aid,
Program Design,
Special Populations,
Core Stability,
Functional Training,
Fitness Assessment & Testing,
Home Training,
Circuit Training,
Nutrition for Health & Fitness including Weight Management,
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology,
Injury Assessment,
Corrective & Postural exercise,
BA Joint Honours Degree in Sports Science with Business Management from University of Manchester,
Health Science,
Health Promotion,
Exercise Prescription and Promotion
Applied Sports Psychology
Applied Sports Physiology
Sports Nutrition
Training Practice & Performance
Health Wellbeing & Leisure
Health & Fitness
Performance & Learning

Health & Fitness - Past, Present and Beyond
I have always been a keen all round sportsman representing schools, college, university and clubs in a mix of football, rugby, athletics and cross-country, representing my county at U18 schools Football. More recently my passion for running has come to the fore. As a keen runner I am always looking to improve on existing PBs, I ran my first Half marathon at the 2008 Great North Run in sub 1hr 40 and have ran many 5k & 10k races, most recently the Standard Chartered 5k in 19:43 & the British 10k in 41:53. I am currently preparing for the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in late September. (EDIT “ Just ran the Run to the beat half marathon in a new PB of 1hour 33 minutes and 19 seconds, big fist bump to me even if I do say so myself, especially as my training was fairly sporadic.) Ive just received my rejection letter for the 2010 London Marathon (is it wrong that Im slightly relieved), to console myself Im now planning my 2010 assault on PBs in the 5k & 10k distance, with another assault over the 13.1 mile distance in the latter part of the year.
The More Personal Bio Stuff

If you just read the information above youd be right in thinking Im an active type whos in reasonably good shape, what the above doesnt mention is that for a significant period between University and my wedding I was far from the fitness levels and shape that I am at now. No stranger to a bargain bucket I developed an additional level of insulation in the form of excess adipose tissue (or simply, fat) that would make a hibernating polar bear envious. The reasons were the usual type of thing, love of a pint (or 8), the unspoken love between man and post pint fried food and a general reduction in levels of exercise.

I used to play a lot of football, then I left University and stopped, I occasionally played 5aside but we spent more time in the pub socializing after the game than we did playing, then I spent more time watching football than playing (and the pint drinking / pie eating that goes with a pre and post match analysis of Darlo FC! Then¦

¦I moved to London, made new friends, socialized more, changed jobs, made more new friends, socialized with said friends as well. Life was great, but slowly and surely my body composition changed. Until one day someone posts pictures of your latest social outing online and you catch sight of a photo that stops you in your tracks, a tingle of ice down the spine (or was that fat back sweat?), ok its the angle you tell yourself, the camera adds 10lbs (so how many cameras were on me¯ Quote, Chandler, Friends.

Ultimately no matter how you play it, that person in the picture is none other than yours truly. You check other pics, you compare with younger you. Eek, what happened! Now this is the decision point. Was I happy being bigger and unfit? I wasnt, you might be. However as youre reading this on a PT website Im going to assume that you think along the similar lines to me and either want to stay in shape or get in shape.

Thats what I did, combined with an impending wedding and thus wedding photos that stay with you forever, I determined to get into shape and in a nutshell I signed up for a 10k road race and trained for it. That was over 3 years ago and I have gone from strength to strength ever since, in fact Im so passionate about it nowadays that I set up Jigsaw Personal Training and do it for a living.

Incidentally I did that first 10k in about 56 minutes. I just ran a half marathon (21k) in September 09 in 1hr 33m 19s. Now theyre not world record breaking times and I personally believe I can go faster but thats not the point. The point is that theyre a huge improvement for me personally, because unless youre competing at an elite level professionally (and even then to an extent) the only person youre really competing with is yourself

I destroy my arch nemesis Fatadam week in week out, I run further than him, eat healthier than him and ultimately will not only live longer than him but I will have a greater quality of life for the duration of my stay on planet Earth.

By the way, Im not saying running is the only answer, its not, it just was for me, Im happy to work with you to identify your goals and the best way for you to achieve and maintain those goals. So contact me now for your free consultation.

Warning Bore-Stat alert. In 2006 the World Health Authority released figures showing the average UK lifespan was 78.5, however the healthy adjusted life expectancy (HALE) is 70.6 “ therefore on average people are living the last 8 years suffering from some form of disease, illness, infirmity. Regular exercise has been proven to help counter these negative factors.

I for one want to live with a good quality of life for as long as I can. This means your retirement planning shouldnt just look at financial elements but health and fitness factors as well. Just as you put money away each month in pensions or investments you need to make regular contributions to your physical wellbeing by maintaining an active lifestyle, and ensuring you have a well balanced nutritious diet. Got you thinking? Then contact me to discuss.

Email: Adam@jigsawpersonaltraining.co.uk Tel: 07968 014012 Articles